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Q. "Where are your items produced?"

A. The blank products are produced ethically in various locations (please see each individual product description for exact country origins). They are printed and fulfilled in the US and Canada.


Q. "Who does your product designs?"

A. This is a combo between shop owner, Jasmine, her partner, Eric, and artist/graphic designer/70's-inspired cool guy, Mat Dunlap, who designed all of the graphics on the t-shirts.


Q. "Where are the products shipped from"?

A. Our accessories and apparel are shipped from either a warehouse in the US or a warehouse in Ontario, Canada. We do our best to ship locally, but in order to provide the best shipping prices and product selection, we do source specific products from the US on occasion. Please see the description on each individual product to determine where your goodies will be arriving from.


Q. "I live in Canada. For the products arriving from the US, will I be charged duty?"

A. Perhaps, but only if you're purchasing a large quantity of US-sourced items. The reason we feel okay about this being a possibility for our customers is due to the fact that the shipping costs of orders arriving from the US are so much cheaper than orders shipped within Canada. It all balances out! If you received free shipping on your order, then that's an added bonus. 


Q. "Some of my items arrived separately. Why?"

A. In order to provide the speediest delivery possible, we ship your order as it's made. Each item is made to order, in an attempt to prevent wasted materials.


Q. "Some items take a bit longer to ship. How come?"

A. In order to prevent excess waste, we have decided to have each item manufactured to order. This means that production time (although fairly speedy!) needs to be considered on top of the shipping time. Typically, a shirt for example, should take between 5-14 days to arrive at your door depending on your location.


Q. "What are the masks made of?"

A. The inside layer is made of cotton and the outside layer is made of polyester.

Q. "How many layers are the masks?"

A. The masks consist of 2 layers with the option for a filter insert.


Q. "Are they machine washable?"

A. Yes! It’s best to lay flat to dry.


Q. "Are they comfortable?"

A. In our humble opinion, they are the most comfortable masks we've ever worn.


Q. "Do they have adjustable ear straps?"

A. Yes, they do! Each ear strap is made of elastic and comes with a small silicone slider to adjust the size.


Q. "Are they a dark or light colour on the inside of the masks? Makeup transfer is an issue!"

A. The interior layer of the masks are black, so you don't have to worry about making a mess.


Q. "I'm a Canadian customer. Why can't I find tracking info on my order?"

A. Shipping even small items such as 30g masks as trackable packages in Canada is unfortunately very expensive and costs more than the masks themselves, so we had to find another solution in order to make them affordable. We send each order as letter mail, which doesn't allow for tracking, but does allow us not to charge an arm and a leg for domestic shipping.


Q. "Where are the masks made?"

A. We selected a factory in China to manufacture our designs. As much as we would have loved to make them locally, the costs associated with that would not have allowed us to set our masks within a price range that we were comfortable with.


Q. "Why did you decide to make masks?"

A. We believe that wearing a mask is one of the most important and responsible things that you can do to keep others safe. We wanted to make masks that were wearable, comfortable, cheeky, and cute, so that wearing them feels a little more fun.



Q. "How do I use the presets?"

A. Click here for a quick video tutorial.


Q. "What do I need in order to use these presets?" 

A. All you need is the free Adoble Lightroom app for your iPhone or Android device. Don't get suckered in by the ads at the top of the App Store page - the "Lightroom Preset app" is not the same thing. No subscription is required for Lightroom Mobile.


Q. "I'm not very tech savvy - is this something I'll be able to use?"

A. YES! The presets as well as the stickers only require a few quick steps to download and save into your device. There's also a short video tutorial here, which you can choose to watch before you purchase.


Q. "When I load the files into my device, they show up as empty spaces or blank photos. Why?"

A. The files you are downloading are raw DNG files containing the data you will need to re-create the presets in your Lightroom app. It is totally normal for them not to look like anything when they're in your file folder or camera roll, but as soon as you load them into your Lightroom album, you'll be able to see the preset thumbnails. Click here for a quick video tutorial.


Q. "My download says "Limit Exceeded". What's going on?"

A. For protection of intellectual property, there is a download limit on the files. It's recommended only to push the download button once and be patient while you wait for the files to load. However, if this happens to you, email us and we will respond as soon as we can with a new download link.


Q. "The files didn't show up immediately when I clicked "download now". Is something wrong?"

A. Nope! Depending on your wifi speed and the number of files within the collection you purchased, it may take a few minutes for the download to complete in your browser. Be patient :)


Q. "Will these presets edit my photos in one click?"

A. For the most part, yes. These presets are designed to work with most photos in one click. However, depending on the lighting and colours you're working with in the unedited photo, some minor tweaks might need to be made. I.e. turning down the blue saturation on an already blue sky, or turning down the grain in an already grainy low-light photo.


Q. "If I've puchased the Mini "Vintage" Preset Pack but want to upgrade to the "Vintage" Presets collection or The FULL Package, does that mean that I have to pay again?"

A. If at any time you'd like to upgrade, send me an email with this request and I will create a customized discount code to make up the difference in pricing. (Example: your code ALEXANDRA would allow you $25 off the price of the "Vintage" Preset pack or The FULL Package, basically refunding you for your previous purchase).


Q. "How do I tweak the settings to customize the presets for my own photos?"

A. The presets should be able to be applied and used with little to no adjustments. The common thing I've noticed in user's photos is that the orange or blue in some of the images can appear a bit too vibrant (although this is completely up to your personal preference and totally depends on the lighting and colours already happening within the unedited photo). To tweak this, go to the "color" tab and hit "mix" at the top right of the tab. Lower the saturation or vibrance of the blues and oranges. If you change them too much, it may throw off the balance of the preset, so be sure just to make minor adjustments.


Q. "How do I get in touch?"

A. Email us! info@dream-on-shop.com

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